• Best Knives For A Chef

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    Are all of you wondering which kitchen knife top chefs have in their kitchen? I did some research and found that most of the best Chefs have a tendency to go with Japanese blades. You can find out more here. I too have tried my hand at Japanese knives and found that they are significantly better in terms of balance, handling and precision.

    Only Sharp Kitchen Knives

    If you spend hours a day in the kitchen, you need a good knife. I wouldn’t be caught in the kitchen using a blunt one. If you are cooking with fine pieces of meat or fish, a dull knife will bring only peril. Without a sharp blade, the knife will not be able to slice through whatever you’re cutting and damage the item in the process.

    Experience The Journey With Different Knives

    I feel that looking for a fitting knife is an ordeal that all Chefs have to go through. Without trying and testing different knives, you’ll never know which suits you best. While the craving to own a Japanese knife is tempting, I know a few Chefs that hate it. Japanese knives are sharp but thin so they may not fare very well when it comes to slicing hardier ingredients.

    What Do You Slice Often ?

    Nuts, tough meat and even hard shelled sea life may prove to be quite tough on Japanese knives. I wouldn’t bear to see my investment chip in front of me. Which is why my collection of knives include both German and Japanese made knives. I still feel that each type of knife have their own strengths and weaknesses.

    Your Personal Knife Style

    The way you hold and grip your knife also makes a huge impact on the type of knife you’d want. Some Chefs prefer having a bolster on their knife and others don’t. Chefs even have preference when it comes to the balance and weight of their knives. Nothing beats the feel of a blade in your hands.

    So, head to your local store or visit a friend, try out all the knives you can get your hands on before you choose to make your final decision.

  • My Coffee Addiction Saviour

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    Coffee drives me

    My schedule for my personal readings and some freelance writing has become chaotic, just to put it mildly. I’ve attended a lot of social functions lately and I have neglected my work. I was beginning to realize that i needed a rest. The next day, I woke up to find my eyes glued together by some sticky stuff. Oh my, I got the sore eyes! It was the new epidemic in town and I got it in both eyes! My daughter and her children were afraid to be contaminated with it. Therefore I had to go on vacation.

    I always told people to be careful what they wish for. Now I have to take my own advice and file a forced leave of absence from my work because I somehow wished for a rest. Okay, I had to go home to my parents’ old house in the suburbs. The old house was a good four hours drive from our place in the city. I arrived there late in the afternoon as the sun was nearing the horizon. I opened the old door and right away, I saw my mother’s espresso machine on the kitchen table. “Why is it there” I asked myself. Then I remembered that my mother was a great coffee drinker like myself. “Was that espresso machine trying to remind me about my mother?” and not to forget that i found that particular coffee machine at “http://bisuzscoffee”.

    Since the place was clean and I did not want to hurt my eyes with dust, I plunked into the sofa bed ready to fall asleep. But hey, I was hungry, but I didn’t want to cook dinner. I sat up and looked at the espresso machine. “I forgot to say hello!” I said to the gleaming presence of the espresso machine. “Maybe you can help me….” I began to unpack my canned goods, biscuits and bread so i can choose what to eat. But no, I did not want to eat anything now. I just wanted to drink my favorite Cappuccino.

    DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM3300

    DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM3300

    It was a long time since I actually used an espresso machine but my mother’s was a super automatic so it was super easy. I went over to the espresso machine and checked its parts. “Perfect!! We are really friends!” I said as I saw that it was ready for use. I looked into the cupboards and found the ground coffee. Thank heavens for the coffee, and more thanks for the espresso machine. I discovered that a human being can survive with coffee and an espresso machine for about three days because after I went back home, I finally acquired my very own espresso maker!

    Breville Express BES870XL

    Breville Express BES870XL

    I didn’t feel right taking my mother’s super expensive espresso machine so I decided to buy one. I am in love and want everyone to have coffee at my house. I decided to buy a semi-automatic espresso maker and the results have been magical. After taking the time to figure out how this machine works, I fell head over heels. I admit that I am a total newbie at using a semi-automatic espresso maker, also I didn’t want to buy a machine that made it too easy. An espresso maker that required the right amount of difficulty to make great coffee, but also easy enough for a newbie to figure it out, would be for me. It only took me a few minutes to learn how an espresso maker works and once I got my head around it, I was swapping out filters and started making things a bit more interesting.

    I always thought that it would take a great amount of time to make a latte at home that was similar to the latte’s I’d been buying at my favorite coffee shop. After a few days of practicing, I must say, I am really impressed with the quality of drinks that my espresso maker and I are producing. I really feel like a barista of note. My friends also love my new found coffee making passion, and my constant espresso maker reviews.

    More Quality Coffee, More Friends!

    I must say my social circle have actually grown since I started drinking my latte’s at home and inviting friends over for their favorite hot beverages. I feel like I opened a door to a new world of coffee, it’s not like I have discovered something undiscovered or new, but the thrill of it all is a new feeling to me. Now all I see is pictures I want to create in my froth.

  • Picking The Perfect Stainless Steel Sauce Pot For The Kitchen

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    Are you tired of reading all the best stainless steel pot and pans reviews on the net? Well so was I until I tried the Cuisinart French Classic  4-Quart Sauce pot with Cover. I never knew that a stainless steel sauce pot would be so handy in my kitchen. After having it for a couple of months, I could never live without it.

    Why do you need a sauce-pot in your kitchen? A sauce-pot is useful in the modern kitchen in so many ways. Its versatility, durability and attractiveness make it perfect for preparing a wide variety of foods to feed your family. One of the best sauce-pots I will recommend to mothers and professional chefs is the Cuisinart FCT194-20 French Classic Stainless Sauce pot.

    Stainless Steel Cookware Reviews

    Designed with a thin layer of aluminum at the bottom, this sauce-pot allows you to cook different meals fast without wasting any time. To make cooking even more simplified, the Cuisinart FCT194-20 French Classic Stainless Sauce pot has a riveted stay-cool handle that doesn’t get hot no matter the temperatures. In addition to that, there is a dedicated stainless steel lid that covers the top to prevent vapor from escaping thus maintaining a uniform cooking temperature.

    There’s a lot we can talk about regarding this saucepan but just to simplify everything, let me say that all mothers and professional chefs should not miss out to purchase this sauce-pot as it is what defines the modern kitchen in the current era.


    • This sauce pot is versatile and capable of cooking any type of food.
    • With a weight of 5 pounds, this sauce pot is heavy and very stable.
    • The mix of steel and aluminum allows for a uniform heat transfer throughout the pot.
    • The riveted stay cool handle makes it easier for you to handle the saucepot when cooking.
    • This sauce-pot is dishwasher safe and can handle extreme temperatures of up to 500°F.


    • This sauce pot lacks a small grip handle on the side. This makes it very difficult to lift especially when filled with hot food.
    • The handle is quite heavy making this saucepot unstable when resting on the stove top.
  • On the Rocks: Best Stone Cookware for You

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    stone cookwareStone cookware has a variety of uses in any kitchen. While pizza is, of course, always a popular use for a cooking stone, the kitchen equipment can be used for makings breads, cookies, toast, quesadillas, and many other delectable dishes! I like to use my stone cookware as a serving plate when I have guests- it keeps the food warm and adds a sort of elegance. What some people don’t know is that stone cookware is used in the kitchen outside of just the round cooking stone we have all seen/

    I spend a lot of my time hosting parties and cooking for friends. People ask me all the time, “What is the best stone cookware set?” Stone cookware is a big part of my kitchen, and so naturally I should know what the best stone cookware sets are. But, frankly, I don’t. I have so many stone cookware sets that I love! It is almost impossible to decide which set is the best stone cookware.

    I do have a few suggestions, though!

    When we’re talking about stone frying pans, one of my all time favorites is the FlavorStone. This frying pan is from Canada and has a sapphire coating. Snazzy, right? This frying pan gets the job done. It distributes heat quickly and evenly, which means that your food will be prepared in a fraction of the time and will be twice as delicious. Can’t better than that, right?

    Another one of my favorite stone cookware pieces is the Swiss Diamond frying pan. This was my very first stone frying pan, and I stick by it! One of the best parts about using stone cookware is that you don’t need to use a lot oil, so your food is healthier. With the Swiss Diamond frying pan, I never use any! My food still cooks evenly, and tastes great. This frying pan is definitely in my top three.

    The last cookware set I suggest to people who ask me what the best stone cookware set is would be the Empress Stoneline. It comes in a variety of sizes and has a lifetime gauruntee- which is great for those of us with rambunctious children or clumsy spouses.

  • Reading reviews on cookware was important for me to select my perfect set!

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    kitchen cookware

    I started reading various sites online that listed best kitchen cookware reviews to select my new cookware set. My old set was working fine other than some handles getting loose over time. No matter how hard I would try to bolt them back in, they simply wouldn’t stay in place and after a couple of handlings would get loose again. My skillets also had their nonstick coating wearing off slowly. They were working fine and would do all the cooking perfectly, but I thought it was time I started looking at other sets just in case there were better ones that were more long-lasting.

    Meanwhile, I asked some friends about their suggestions. A couple of them said there was a new set that didn’t have any nonstick coating and was purely made of stainless steel with copper cladding all the way to the top. I had read about the toxic effects of nonstick material, and was looking for a set made of stainless steel anyway. I went online and started reading best kitchen cookware reviews 2016 again, this time looking for feedback on the set that my friends had suggested. Nearly 98% of customer reviews gave the set a perfect 5/5. The remaining 2% complaints were nonspecific and had more to do with mishandling or improper use than anything else! I placed my order and took delivery of the set in a couple of days.

    The first thing that I noticed on opening the packing was every individual piece had a red dot at its center. I didn’t know what it was and started reading the instruction manual. The red dot was basically an indicator that the pan had been preheated adequately when the dot would get more defined. This was ideal, since knowing when to put food into the pan for cooking was a major problem with me. If there was any lesser quantity of oil or the pan was not hot enough before raw food was put in, it would invariably get stuck to the bottom.

    These days I cook braised meat, fish fillets and pork chops in the pans with ease. They never get stuck since the red dot is the indicator that the pan is ready. The pans also provide more uniform heating with the copper cladding. My family says food tastes better these days. I can understand that because the new set cooks food much better. The recipes have largely remained unchanged, it is the set that has made all the difference!

  • My Top Three Cookware Sets for My Kitchen

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    Cookware is an essential component of my kitchen. I am passionate about cooking and therefore make sure my kitchen is well equipped so that it is ready to prepare any meal anytime. I prepare most foods using cookware. This means I have to be cautious when shopping for my cookware sets. Different types of cookware sets are used to cook different recipes. I prefer using the most efficient cookware sets when cooking to ensure that food is cooked safely and efficiently. Below are cookware sets that I would recommend you be aware of when shopping for the best pots and pans.


    Stainless steel cookware sets

    They are the most common cookware sets in my kitchen. They are made of alloys of different types of metals. The most often used metals are steel, chromium, iron and carbon. The stainless steel cookware sets are long lasting, affordable and resistant to tough conditions. When scratched, they expose their inner shinny part and this makes it very easy for me to clean them up. They are nonreactive with the food and hence very safe to cook with. Since they are not good conductors of heat, they cook food slowly.

    Aluminum cookware sets

    They rank second in my kitchen. They cook faster due to their ability to conduct heat well. They are resistant to harsh conditions and very durable. The main challenge with this type of cookware is that it reacts with acidic as well as alkaline foods and this might pose a serious health problem. However, this challenge is combated by having them coated with a thin layer of aluminum oxide that does not react.

    Copper cookware sets

    These are common among the professional cooks especially in classic hotels and restaurants. However, I also have few of them in my kitchen. Copper is an excellent conductor of heat. They cook food very quickly. They are expensive but worth their cost. Copper is sometimes mixed with other metals such as steel to produce a cookware set that is of better quality than that of steel alone. Their main challenge is that they react with acidic foods.

    Cookware comparison

  • Did You Know Which Is The Best Cookware?

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    Chipotle Peach Salsa

    Cooking necessarily means the heating of food only, it also entails a set of activities such as chopping vegetables and crushing of garlic in preparation of certain types of food. In general cooking involves all the activities used in the preparation of food using sophisticated methods. Like any other activity in the family, cooking is something that cannot be ignored. Cookware is a class of all cooking vessels utilized for cooking on stoves and cook tops such as gas cook tops or electric cook tops. The following article looks at the best cookware in the market.

    Cuisinart MCP-12N Multiclad Pro

    This type of cookware is ideal for professional homes. The set consists of saucepans, veggie steamer, open skillets, saute pan covered and provided with helper handle and finally the stockpot that is covered. These items are safe for use in the dishwashers and do not have any kind of coating. The best thing about this product is that the company that provides this type of product offers a limited warranty of the products against defects.

    Cook Standard NC-00232
    This type of cookware has unique features that make it stand out in the market and maintain its position as the worlds best cookware. The set consists of deep saute pan, stock pot with a lid, two sauce pans with lids, steamer and two French skillet. The handles used in this cookware are very strong and cannot easily break. This type of cookware is unwarranted.

    Duxtop Whole-Clad Tri-Ply Stainless steel
    This cookware consist of two pans, pan for sauteing and three sauce pans each with lids. The cooker comes with lids which help to keep the flavor and moisture intact bearing in mind that also flavor counts to the preparation of a delicious meal. The construction of this cookware uses magnetic stainless steel that sandwich the aluminum core layer therefore enabling uniform heating of the pan.

    T-fal E918SC64 Cookware
    This type of cookware is pocket friendly compared to the others. It has a thermostat heat indicator that is used in preheating the pan. It is scratch resistant and very durable hence lasts for a very long time.